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World's best inspirational diaries

We are a publishing company based in Sligo, Ireland, and have been producing the unique Get Up and Go diaries, Journals and Planners for over 12 years.

We now have a range of products – both physical and digital – to inspire, encourage, motivate and empower people of all ages to ‘get up and go’ in life. 

They are relevant, easy to use, valuable and affordable. So whether you are an Irish person (living at home or abroad), a Busy Woman, a School Student (we customise for individual schools), an aspiring Entrepreneur or a globetrotting traveller, we have a diary or journal for you. Our new Guide to Good health and Wellbeing will ensure you keep a healthy perspective on life and our Gratitude Journal is there to remind us of all we have to be thankful for. 

Our Heroes (all profits to charity) tells stories of 24 people who overcame their obstacles and are ‘up and going’ again.  



Get Up and Go Diaries publications

  • The Irish Get Up and Go Diary
  • The Get Up and Go Diary
  • Get Up and Go Young Person’s Diary
  • Genius Journal
  • Good Health and Wellbeing Journal
  • Gratitude Journal
  • Homework / Student Journal
  • Travel Journal
  • Get Up and Go Heroes (The Confidence to Succeed)
  • Diary for Busy Women
  • Daily planner for Busy Women
  • Wall Planner

(Many of these productions are now available as digital write-on-able downloads)