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Student Beans

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

Student Beans is a digital platform that offers student discounts. Student Beans is partnered

with over 650 of the world’s biggest brands across fashion, technology, food, entertainment

and more, and has power a global network of students in over 150 countries.

Check out some of these Student Beans deals:

 Boohoo: 15% Student Discount

 Misguided: 10% Student Discount

 Gym Shark: 10% Student Discount

 Domino’s: 35% Student Discount when you €25 online

 Nasty Gal: 57% Student Discount

The ISIC also have so many more benefits than just access to Student Beans. The ISIC card currently offers 160,000 discounts spread over 130+ countries from educational courses, software licenses, digital communications, public transport and magazine subscriptions, to music streaming, café and eateries, music festivals, theme parks, sporting events, world heritage sites and more!

Wait, there’s more? Yes! Not only do you get access to exclusive online discounts but the

card also works as an ID. The card is recognised by universities, academic institutions,

student unions, national governments, financial institutions and ministries of education

around the world.

Get an ISIC card today!

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