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The New Erasmus Card has Arrived!

It’s finally here! ISIC Ireland has just launched a memento digital student card dedicated to the Erasmus Programme students. You can activate your digital ID and use your dedicated card, no matter where you are.

We’d love you to share your experience in Ireland and abroad! Send us your favourite Erasmus experience photo, or a photo with your digital Erasmus ID and you never know, you could see yourself on our website and across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

The ISIC card is available in all the Erasmus programme countries.

We wish you an amazing Erasmus experience!

You can get your ISIC Erasmus card right now! Remember, the Erasmus Programme not only enables 200,000 students to study abroad each year, but students from the EU, EEA and Turkey have a straightforward route to spend between three and twelve months studying in an Irish higher education institution as part of their course.

You also get access to exclusive online discounts, plus the card also works as an ID. The card is recognised by universities, academic institutions, student unions, national governments, financial institutions and ministries of education around the world.

Let’s make 2021 our year.

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