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HelloFresh, Hello Savings!

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Let’s be honest, after a long day of classes, schoolwork, and extracurriculars, it can be a pain to come home and think about making dinner or even go to the shop to buy ingredients. HelloFresh takes away the stress of having to choose what you want to eat and eliminates the need to pick up everything you’ll need as well.

If you don’t know what HelloFresh is, let’s go over that first. HelloFresh is a meal kit service that gets delivered directly to your door with fresh ingredients and based on the recipes you have picked. There are so many different choices to choose from and they accommodate dietary restrictions, from personal preferences to allergens. Whether you’re cooking for yourself or your roommates as well, there are several options with how many meals you need to plan for.

Here’s just a few reasons why HelloFresh makes your life that much easier:

  • Convenience

As a student, your schedule can fill up and get crazy. You have a limited time to plan your meals, shop for the ingredients, and then actually cook. HelloFresh makes this entire process way easier, and you can prepare the meals in less than 30 minutes. Now you have more time to do other activities or just finally take a break and rest up.

  • Less impulse buys

When you go to the shop to buy the necessities, it’s hard to leave without some impulse buys…some chocolate, ice cream, a bag of crisps. Especially if you’re walking around when you’re hungry, it’s so easy to succumb to those impulse purchases that end up adding up. With HelloFresh, everything is sent to you already pre-portioned. There is no need to go to the shop and spend on unnecessary snacks.

  • Reduce your food waste

It’s tough to admit, but we all do it. We forget to eat things before they go bad and then it’s just a waste of both food and money. If you make too much of a meal, it might just get pushed to the back of the fridge and you forget about it because it’s out of sight, out of mind. HelloFresh helps eliminate these problems because they provide you with exact measurements of what you’ll need to make the best meal.

  • A variety of options

HelloFresh quesadilla meal

When you don’t have a lot of time on your hands, it’s easy to get stuck in a routine where

you end up cooking the same things every night. With HelloFresh, they have a constantly changing menu that allows you to try new recipes without feeling overwhelmed.

  • Healthy living

It’s usually easier to pick a fast food option for dinner rather than stopping to buy everything to cook. HelloFresh makes it easy with their home delivery, so the food is already in your house. HelloFresh has everything pre-portioned so you don’t have to worry about eating too much in one sitting. Also, their meals overall help you balance a nutritious diet since their ingredients are fresh.

HelloFresh meal

HelloFresh is such an easy solution for students who are trying to make sure they’re eating healthy while also on a budget. You can make your homemade meals with less of the stress, less food waste, and more convenience. So, if you’re a student who is looking to take advantage of these savings and cook some delicious meals, make sure you get your ISIC card today and sign up for HelloFresh to save up to €115 off over three months!

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